Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer recap

This has been a summer never to forget. Change, when embraced, can be so good for the soul. 

We moved from Kennesaw- full of people we dearly love- and spent a couple months on the road seeing the family we dearly love. We enjoyed the heralded Ft George trip where three generations of Zirkle swam, ate, played, ate, hiked, ate, and got in trouble.

Jack is transforming! And his hair has a mind of its own. 

2 months
8 months

We visited Utah, drinking in the sight of the Uintas and seeing wonderful friends from the Provo days. We stayed with Grandma Liz and were fed with delicious food to our hearts content. We read books until all of us needed glasses. It was great to have a little taste of the summer of Utah, so different from the humid, HUMID south. 

Then we were off to Colorado to visit Wilkin territory. We picked a lot of fruit from Gpa's orchard. We started feeding Jack solids, finally. We thought about sleeping. A lot. We did some retail therapy to make up for the not sleeping. Jack got an ear infection...for a month...and would like very much for that to never ever happen again. Kate got to "camp" for the first time. We lasted until 11pm. We watched the foxes and racoons destroy the yard. I went to a stake conference and as I walked the halls with sleepy Jack, I realized I had walked those halls to my first day of Primary, to my first day of young womens, I walked there for seminary and seminary graduation, for the funeral of Marty who was everyone's best friend and hero, and last but not least- when I came home from my mission and had to report to the High Council about it. I couldn't believe all those halls had seen, and all they have yet to see. It was surreal. 

At long last- we come home. To our new home. It has been a slice of heaven, and I never want to leave. I so enjoy the views and the space for Kate to run. I never EVER thought I'd like having dogs- but Mack has stolen my heart. 

Saying goodbye to Fred and Sheri was NOT the highlight of the summer. We send them much love and strength for their adventure ahead serving in San Antonio. 

Kate turned three last Friday. Many mixed emotions, as it should be. My baby is three. I do not like saying that. She is very eloquent and has wild ideas. She is an entertainer. She loves to run and swim. She is very perceptive. She loves hummus. She has proved to be an amazing, patient, compassionate, doting older sister. 

"I'm three now Mom! I can drive!" 

"Dat's my heart song. It's called boo-tiful Daddy."

Childhood rocks.

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  1. I love this post. Such a great recap and that picture at the end? TO DIE FOR.

    I'm SO happy you're happy where you're at now. I'm still insanely jealous and so so grateful we got to experience some of it with you.